Dearborn Industrial Generating Station

Dearborn Industrial Generation

The Dearborn Industrial Generation (DIG) plant is located in Dearborn, Michigan.  The facility produces 710 megawatts of electricity and over 1 million pounds per hour of steam.  DIG provides Severstal NA and Ford Motor Company with steam to serve their heating and processing needs at the Rouge Complex, located across from the generating plant.  DIG also provides electricity to those customers, as well as to the Midwest energy market.

DIG is fueled by natural gas and blast furnace gas, a byproduct of the steel-making process.  Phase 1 of the project was completed in 1999, and consisted of one 160 MW gas combustion turbine to serve as a peaking unit to supply electricity to the Michigan electric grid.  The project became fully operational by mid-2001.

CMS Enterprises operates the plant and is its sole owner.


Craven County Wood Energy Biomass

Craven Wood Plant

The Craven County Wood Energy Biomass plant, located near New Bern, North Carolina, is a 50 megawatt wood waste-fueled power plant.  It consumes approximately 530,000 tons of wood waste each year.  The wood waste consists of: wood chips from forest improvement programs; bark from paper pulp debarking operations; sawdust from lumber mills; clean waste wood from landfills; railroad ties; and agricultural waste, including brooder house poultry waste and cotton gin waste.

CMS Enterprises operates the plant and has a 50 percent ownership interest.




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