Become A Shareholder

The CMS Energy Stock Purchase Plan allows you to purchase shares of the Company’s common stock without brokerage commissions or fees. Key features include:

  • Stock purchased weekly
  • Initial investment minimum:  $250
  • Additional automatic stock purchase available via electronic bank deduction (which can be set up at the time of initial investment or at a later date)
  • Shares can be sold for a small commission (less than 5¢ per share)
  • Dividends paid quarterly (subject to declaration by our Board of Directors)

Check out the prospectus for all CMS Energy Stock Purchase Plan details.

Initial Investment Options


Purchase your initial shares through an electronic bank account deduction.

Print and Mail (printable PDF form)

Complete the Authorization Form, print it and mail it to us with your check for an initial investment.

Request a Packet by Mail

Have a Stock Purchase Plan Packet mailed to you.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our principal business is our Michigan-based electric and natural gas utility, complemented by a North American independent power business.