– Sell Stock

You can request the sale of some or all of your CMS Energy common stock. Shares are generally sold weekly, at market price on the day of the sale, so you could expect a check within two weeks. A brokerage commission of less than 5 cents per share will be deducted from your proceeds.

CMS Energy has adopted the first-in, first-out (FIFO) method as our default method used to calculate the adjusted basis of, and any gains or losses with respect to, shares that are sold. Once your shares are sold, the methodology cannot be changed. Therefore, it is important to consider the tax implications before you request a sale. We suggest that you contact a tax advisor. We cannot advise you. If you would like to use an acceptable method other than FIFO to identify shares that are sold, you will need to notify Investor Services in writing prior to the sale. You may include this information with your request to sell your shares.

Stock Sale Options

Electronic Request

For selling Plan shares held by us and valued at less than $5,000, use this secure online form.

By Mail (printable PDF form)

You will need to print this form and mail it to us if:

  • The sale of your shares will likely exceed a market value of $5,000 (a Medallion Signature Guarantee will be required on the Sale Request form)
  • You hold any certificate(s) for the shares you are selling
  • When selling shares from a custodial account where the named minor is still under legal age, we will require a notarized Affirmation of Use of Proceeds Affidavit.

Please Note: The sale check will be issued exactly as the stock account is registered.  In order to make the check payable to anything other than the exact registration, you must transfer the shares first.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

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