CMS Energy Shareholder Services is a Paperless Legals Agent (PLA).

All transfers require the Medallion Guaranteed signature of all shareholders registered on the account.  A Medallion Signature Guarantee can be obtained at most major banks, credit unions and brokerage firms.

Instructions for Transferring Stock

Print and complete a Stock Power form. Please read the instructions carefully as an incomplete form may cause a delay in processing.

  • Be sure to attach any stock certificates. (If a certificate is lost, notify us in writing. There is a surety bond fee for lost certificates, and additional documentation will be required.)

Contact the financial institution (i.e. bank, credit union or broker-dealer) where you intend to obtain the required Medallion Signature Guarantee. Ask the institution to tell you the specific documents you need to bring with you in order to obtain the Medallion.

If shares are being transferred from a deceased owner, a notarized Affidavit of Domicile is required. This document will confirm the state of residence at the time of death for tax purposes.

Fill out all sections of the Stock Power form but DO NOT SIGN.

Go to your financial guarantor institution:

  • Bring the legal documents you were told were required and have them reviewed.
  • Sign the Stock Power form. Please note: All registered owners are required to sign.
  • If you are NOT the registered owner, you must sign and print your capacity next to your signature on the Stock Power form in the presence of the guarantor, or your transfer request may be rejected.
  • Guarantor Institutions are required to maintain all supporting legal documentation.

Prepare the transfer request package for mailing to CMS Energy:

  • Include stock certificates, if any. Do not endorse or sign the certificates.
  • Provide completed Stock Power form with signatures Medallion Guaranteed
  • Include a notarized Affidavit of Domicile (if a decedent is involved).
  • Do not include any additional legal documentation as it will not be reviewed or returned.

Mail to the following address (if including certificates, certified or registered mail is recommended).

CMS Energy Corporation
Investor Services EP1-400
One Energy Plaza
Jackson MI 49201

Final Checklist

  • Is the signature(s) on the Stock Power form Medallion Guaranteed?
  • If you are not the registered owner, did you indicate your capacity to act on the Stock Power form?
  • If an owner is deceased, did you include a notarized Affidavit of Domicile?
  • Did you include any stock certificates to be transferred or written notification that they are lost?

Upon completion of the transfer, you will receive an account activity statement showing the details of the transaction.

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